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Did you know swimsuit color can impact water safety?

Did you know swimsuit color can impact water safety?
Did you know swimsuit color can impact water safety? 02:07

BALTIMORE -- As summer swings into high gear, families flock to the beaches and pools, intent on taking a refreshing dip. But before you or your children make that splash, it's crucial to be aware of the potential risks associated with swimwear.

The American Red Cross advises that color choice can significantly impact visibility and safety.

"A swimsuit that's a different color than the pool water can make all the difference," said Ashley Henyan of the American Red Cross of the National Capital & Greater Chesapeake Region. "A pattern is great, but what's most important is that the parent is keeping an eye on the child and is not distracted."

Alive Solutions, an aquatic safety-specialized company, conducted a test study to determine the visibility of various swimsuit colors in both pool and open water environments. 

Their findings? Bright, vibrant colors such as neon pink, orange, and yellow significantly enhance visibility, making it easier to keep track of children in and around water. Conversely, they advise against colors like white, blue, black, and gray, which can easily blend with water and may obscure a child's presence when submerged.

"A swimmer in distress can become submerged in just 20 to 60 seconds if they're not rescued," warns Henyan.

Indeed, the stakes are high. The American Red Cross reports that drowning is the second-leading cause of accidental death in children aged 1 to 14 years, surpassed only by car crashes.

However, there is a silver lining. Swim lessons and water-smart behaviors can significantly reduce the risk of drowning. "Children should learn how to swim, be able to get into the water by themselves, take a stroke, take a breath, and then climb out by themselves," said Henyan.

Henyan also said that no one should swim alone, and young children should always be under the supervision of a designated "water watcher."

For more water safety tips and resources, you can visit the American Red Cross website. The site offers a free online course in water safety for parents and guardians.

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