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Survivor 41: Downloadable Survivor Pool

(CBS) - Survivor 41 is just one week away! Get ready for the brand-new two-hour premiere Wednesday, September 22nd, and start your own Survivor pool!

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It's been 20 years of me watching this wildly adventurous, strategic reality show, and one thing I miss the most about watching it as a kid is our family Survivor pools. That's why, this year, I'm bringing it back!

When the first season of Survivor premiered, I was just around seven years old. My dad and the family business would host a "Survivor pool" where we'd all have to draw a name in hopes our castaway would Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the rest. Back then, during the Richard Hatch and Ethan Zohn days, things were pretty basic – dial-up internet, ya know, the simple life. So simple, we didn't have a "downloadable version" of a Survivor pool template – my dad would have to make his own board from scratch. Doing it old-school can be fun and all, but now as we're older – convenience is necessary.

As mentioned by host Jeff Probst, Survivor is entering a brand-new era this season. With previews of all crazy twists and numerous mentions of this so-called, hungry "monster," it's pretty clear – Survivor 41 is a must-watch. But before we dive into this wild season, I've created a free downloadable (and editable) Survivor 41 pool template for you and your viewing party to use!

How to Get Your Digital Survivor 41 Pool Template:

Access the Google Survivor 41 Template here
Best in Desktop or Google Sheets App
1. File –> Make a Copy and edit your template online ✓
2. Download to PDF & Print (optional) ✓
3. Share with your viewing party! ✓

Photo Credit: Mickie McLeod

This year, my pool consists of 8 of us, so that means we'll each get two castaways – with two of the castaways as wild cards (which will be given to my adorable toddler nieces). Or, another idea is to use this template to host a LIVE Draft before the premiere. You can, of course, make up your own rules and edit the template according to your pool.

How to Customize Your Template:

Fill in your names under the B column (You can copy & paste another row if you need to add more names)
Generate your castaway: hold and highlight all of the castaway names under column C → right-click → and press "randomize range" (you must highlight only the names)

Photo Credit: Mickie McLeod

Or, if you're really old-school, draw your names out of a hat and manually enter your designated castaway into your copy of the template.

Survivor season 41 will be pretty unpredictable, to say the least. And, because of a shorter game this season (spanning only 26 out of the usual 39 days), the game will be even more dangerous at this much faster pace. If the schedule holds the same as the recent fall seasons, the finale and reunion special should air sometime in December.

I'm expecting this season to feel like a brand-new game. I mean, with an unknown, "themeless" season (as of right now) and the mysterious talks about the "monster," – we're definitely entering a new age of Survivor.

Until then, have fun getting the gang together virtually, or in person if you can. Survivor has always brought my family together and still does to this day – I hope it does the same for you!

Tune in to the two-hour premiere, Wednesday, September 22nd at 8/7c on CBS, as well as streaming live and on-demand with Paramount+ or the CBS App!

Tweet me at @mick_cloudy and let's talk Survivor!

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