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Surveillance Video Shows Looting Inside Mondawmin Mall

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Business owners across the city are surveying the damage following Monday's riots. One of the stores that was looted is sharing the surveillance video with WJZ.

Amy Yensi has more.

We've seen plenty of images at this point of looters leaving stores with stolen items. Nowone business owner is sharing shocking video of what they did inside his store.

A nonstop rush of looters has a free-for-all inside the Sports Mart in Mondawmin Mall.

"Look at him. He's got jackets, everything."

Cameras catch groups of young men and women barging into the sporting goods store, scooping up anything in sight and completely ransacking the place.

"This is devastating. It just takes your whole heart out and stomps on it," said Brian Levy, Sports Mart.

The owners helplessly watched for hours Monday, as they say hundreds of looters ran through, snatching sneakers, hats and clothing right off the racks.

"We have a webcam and it showed hundreds of people in here. It was like Macy's Day Parade," said Harvey Levy, Sports Mart president.

Climbing on display tables to ensure a clean sweep of top name brands worth top dollar.

"The safe was over there in that corner. And I don't know how many people carried it or how they did, but they got it a block and a half down the road. Put it right in the middle of the street," Harvey Levy said.

Leaving the 35-year-old family-owned business in shambles and a feeling of distrust for its owners.

"We're a community-based store, and the community took care of us last night. They wiped us out," said Brian Levy.

Piles of empty boxes and sneakers without pairs line the sprawling stock room.

"This isn't protesting. There's just no excuse for this."

No excuse to quell the fears or make rebuilding easier.

Eleven people work at that store and are now out of a job. The owner says he's not sure if he'll even reopen.

Businesses that were not destroyed are also losing money because Mondawmin Mall is closed.

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