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Technology Used To Locate Boston Marathon Bombers Used Each Day In Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Surveillance video and pictures from the public have made it possible to put a face to the suspected marathon bombers.

Monique Griego explains the technology helping investigators in Boston is used everyday in Baltimore.

In Baltimore, CitiWatch cameras are placed all throughout various neighborhoods. They watch the streets, they watch the people, and police say if and when something happens, they play a key role in putting together a case.

When two bombs rocked the Boston Marathon, cameras captured the explosions and the aftermath.

Many images came from the public, but there was also another set of eyes watching over the city. It's a massive system of cameras, similar to the technology police in Baltimore and many major cities use every single day.

"When things aren't safe, we have a recorded video of exactly what transpired. Sometimes you don't quite get a perfect image, but more often than not, that video is very helpful in identifying the suspect or at least pointing detectives in the right direction," said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the technology used to identify the suspected marathon bombers reinforces just how important CitiWatch cameras are to law enforcement.

Investigators used various video clips and images from the streets of Boston to piece together a puzzle about who may have committed the crime.

"It's amazing when you have things that come together and work like they did in Boston. Immediately, we were able to put out the images to the entire country," said Guglielmi.

Within minutes, police in Baltimore had pictures of the suspects and were ready to act if anyone spotted their faces in Maryland.

When the FBI asked for the public's help, images poured in. They captured crucial moments before and after the bombings.

That, combined with city camera technology, proved to be invaluable.

"Thanks to surveillance video, private video, even individuals with cell phones, we were able to get some pretty good images of the bombing suspects," Guglielmi said.

With the mayor's support, the CitiWatch program in Baltimore continues to expand. Police made it clear, the cameras only record public places.

The CitiWatch program is staffed by retired police officers and other citizens.

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