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Supporters Rally In Baltimore To Free Keith Davis Jr.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's a renewed push to free a Baltimore man who's been tried four times already for murder and now facing a possible fifth trial.

Keith Davis Jr. was convicted and sentenced in the 2015 killing of Pimlico security guard Kevin Jones.

Now, all this time later, his supporters are still by his side, they believe he was wrongly convicted and held a rally outside Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore Tuesday.

"You cannot cage anyone, especially if you know they've been wrongfully accused and wrongfully tried and unjustly put on the stand and robbed of their freedom," said Brandon Walker, Ugima People's Progress Party.

Dozens of Keith Davis Jr.'s supporters are demanding prosecutors drop the charges against him.

Davis was most recently convicted in July of 2019 on cell phone evidence and surveillance video that investigators say link him to the crime, but Davis has always maintained his innocence.

"He deserves to be here, he does not deserve this," said Bilphena Yahwon, Davis supporter.

"This is not a coincidence at all, Keith is a living victim of an unfortunate and never should be seen consequences, circumstances," said Walker.

Before his arrest, Davis was shot by city police officers as they investigated an attempted robbery. He was hospitalized and later charged with Jones' murder.

"This persecution must stop," said Latoya Francis-Williams, Davis' attorney.

His attorney, Latoya Francis-Williams is calling for Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to be held accountable.

"What we need is true transparency, what we need is a fact-finding mission by an objective state's attorney's office," said Francis-Williams.

Davis was sentenced to 50 years in prison in March, but in May, a judge granted him a new trial, meaning he could be tried for the fifth time.

"He is trying to blossom and that is not possible in a prison, so we have to free Keith, we have to free him now," said Yahwon.

WJZ reached out to the Baltimore City State's Attorney's office about the rally and they declined to comment.

This rally comes just days after Davis faces new attempted murder charges connected to a prison stabbing in 2020.

Editor's Note: This story was updated after a judge granted Davis a new trial.

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