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Super Bowl Win Brings NFL Community Build To Hilton Elementary

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— As the lead up to the NFL season kickoff here in Baltimore and in Denver continues, the league is in town preparing for Thursday.

Mike Schuh reports on why a large group of volunteers descended on an elementary school.

When you see the NFL Kickoff logo in your town, something big is happening: $35,000 in improvements installed all in one morning at Hilton Elementary School.

"It's going to give them the opportunity to do some hands-on learning," said Danielle Henson, managing principal.

Seventy volunteers came courtesy of the NFL and the United Way.

This work is being done because they were impressed by the work that has already been done.

"Four years ago we decided to start a vegetable garden here, and this has been a dream, so we're out here to make it better for the kids so they can enjoy it more," said Maria McCarthy, art teacher volunteer.

Footage shot on this day in Baltimore is certain to be seen across the county. It's a day that has brought volunteers from across the country.

"Yeah! To know about the things that the NFL and the United Way is doing with these schools is awesome, and to be able to see it in action is really exciting," said Emily Miller, a volunteer from Oakland, Calif.

So why is all of this being done? You can thank the winners of the Super Bowl.

"The community build follows the Super Bowl winners," said Brian Pham, United Way.

So, Baltimore is this year, New York and Pittsburgh previously.

And though this is a national project, remember it's run by locals.

"The fence here, we're painting it Ravens purple because we're Ravens fans here in Baltimore," Pham said.

"Ahhh, that's the first Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl XXXV," said former Ravens player Duane Starks.

Starks, who played with the Ravens from 1998 to 2001, came to cheer on the volunteers with teammate Jamal Lewis.

"Oh, my time here in Baltimore, I loved it," Starks said.

The NFL, bringing back our stars, is investing in the cities where it plays.

That school has 350 elementary students.

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