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Anti-Abuse Super Bowl Commercial Stirs Controversy Before It Airs

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Super Bowl won't be on the air until Sunday, but some controversial ads are already making waves. One anti-domestic violence group is spending big money, calling for the NFL Commissioner to step down in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal.

Meghan McCorkell has reaction to the controversial spot.

Super Bowl ads can cost millions of dollars. Now one group is shelling out the cash to send a strong message.

It's a powerful Super Bowl ad and is already raising eyebrows. A burly football player charges down the field and tackles a woman.

"Let's take domestic violence out of football," the ad said.

"I think it sends a good message, being that a lot of men watch football," said one.

"It's a really strong statement and one in the right direction," said another.

The commercial is sponsored by UltraViolet, a women's rights group.

"With over 100 million people around the world watching, now is the perfect time to draw attention to the NFL's problem with domestic violence," said Adam Bink, UltraViolet.

"It's sending a message about what can and what shouldn't be done," said a viewer.

It ends with a hashtag calling for the ousting of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The group started the hashtag after Goodell's initial suspension of Ray Rice for just two games. The commissioner increased the penalty to an indefinite suspension of the former Raven after video showed him punching his then-fiancee inside a casino elevator.

Advocates say that's not enough.

"We still need to draw attention to the fact that Commissioner Goodell ignored over 55 cases of domestic violence during his tenure and now it's time for him to step down," Bink said.

Goodell has apologized.

"I got it wrong in the handling of the Ray Rice matter and I'm sorry for that," he said.

The NFL will release its own anti-domestic violence ad during the Super Bowl.

The NFL has issued a new conduct policy with stuffer penalties for domestic violence.

A court overturned the NFL's indefinite suspension of Ray Rice. However, no NFL team has picked him up.

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