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Super Bowl 50 Preview With Raj Sharan

Raj Sharan with 104.3 The Fan in Denver joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to help us preview Super Bowl 50.

With this year's Super Bowl featuring two of the top defenses in the NFL, Jeremy Conn asked Raj how he thinks the Broncos will attack that swarming Panthers defense. "I think you might see something similar to what you saw in the AFC Championship game on that first drive when Peyton Manning and the Broncos were attacking vertically through the passing game. They were able to get a lead with a couple touchdown passes to the former Ravens Tight End Owen Daniels and then from there sit on it and run the football more. That might be a little bit more of the way they look to attack. They know they have to run the football. If they just get into a pass-happy gameplan, putting Peyton in the shotgun, that's not going to work. Especially in this game where ball control is going to be so important."

Looking to the defensive side of the ball for Denver, Scott Garceau asked Raj if there will be any changes in their pass-rush attack going from Tom Brady to Cam Newton. "That's the million dollar question Scott." Raj said, "you couldn't be going up against a more different Quarterback stylistically. They didn't play a lot of mobile Quarterbacks on their schedule this year. Alex Smith would probably be the one who qualifies the most but nothing even close to what they're facing in Cam Newton. I mean we're talking here: do you use Von Miller to spy Cam Newton? Do you stack the box and bring exotic blitzes? Against New England they had a lot of success just rushing three guys and dropping a lot of people into coverage but if you over-pursue on Cam it gives running lanes. It's a weird match-up to say the least but I do know this though: they believe if they can find a way to push Carolina to third and long situations where Cam has to sit in the pocket; they believe that their corners can win the match-up's against Carolina's Receivers."

Listen to the full interview here and don't forget to follow Scott, Jeremy and Raj on twitter: @ScottGShow1057, @JeremyConn1057 and @Raj_Sharan.


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