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Study: Potassium Can Help Prevent Strokes

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - We don't talk about potassium much.  In fact, when we talk about it in the hospital setting, we look at the electrolyte as something to be concerned about, especially if it gets too low or too high because of its impact on the heart.

In many cases, when we take certain medications like diuretics, the potassium levels can be driven downwards.

But, now, a new report in the journal Stroke says there could be advantages to having potassium in the body. In fact, women could have a reduced amount of stroke if they had higher levels of potassium.

This particular study looked at potassium intake and risks of all sorts of forms of death.

Now, remember, you don't have to take potassium supplements.  You could have high potassium foods -- including white beans, bananas, dried apricots, salmon, and spinach as part of your diet.

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