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Students Hit The Slopes In Towson After Baltimore County's Third Snow Day Of The Week

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) -- After snow fell across the Baltimore area on Friday, many schools closed once again, and some students took to the slopes for a day of sledding.

Speeding on snowy hills outside of Baltimore County Public School headquarters has become somewhat a tradition for Joseph Fassio and Ethan Grace.

"We're just here goofing around, having and mainly racing," Joseph said.

Friday marked the third snow day of the week for Baltimore County Public Schools, giving Joseph and Ethan plenty of time to try out new sleds that also function as a snowboard they got for Christmas.

"Sometimes you can stand on them, sometimes you can lay on them, but they go really fast," Ethan said.

Ian McFadden also has been coming to the same hill for years with his kids.

"This is one of our favorite hills to come to anytime it snows. If we've got a little extra time we come here," McFadden said.

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