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Still No Verdict On Damage Amount In Midei Wrongful Stent Suit

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) --A jury is having a hard time figuring what lawsuit damages, if any, are owed to a businessman who underwent an unnecessary heart procedure.

Alex DeMetrick reports it's still too soon to tell if that means former cardiologist Dr. Mark Midei is off the financial hook.

The leaves were still green outside the courthouse in Towson when this lawsuit began. Not anymore.

A medical case, it took five weeks of testimony before the jury ruled that former cardiologist Dr. Midei improperly placed stents into the heart arteries of businessman Glenn Weinberg.

Weinberg's suit claims he so feared for his health, he withdrew as a partner from the Cordish Co, costing him potentially millions in profits from Cordish's Maryland Live! Casino project.

What exactly that loss was is what the jury is now trying to determine.

But for the second day in those deliberations, all parties left court up in the air. The jury signaled twice it could not reach a unanimous verdict for damages, opening the possibility the trial could all be repeated again if a verdict is not reached.

But for now, the judge is keeping the jury at it, with more deliberations Wednesday.

In the first phase of this trial, the jury also said it could not reach a unanimous verdict, but after three days did find Midei had performed an unnecessary heart procedure.

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