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Steve Davis: 8 Impending Offseason Player Moves For Ravens

I wouldn't expect there to be mass turnover of key players for the Ravens, but some good players will be gone or some not so good ones (that's a nicer way of saying bad players) will hopefully be replaced with better ones.

The Ravens have more than a dozen unrestricted free agents. I am not sure there is a single guy that you say they have to keep.

  • Torrey Smith says he would like to stay. I hope they keep him. He is a phenomenal guy and talented player. He has his limitations, so they won't break the bank. He is a classic "right player, right price."
  • Owen Daniels would be a good guy to keep. It seems unlikely Pitta will be back and Gilmore is unproven, so Daniels would be good to have back, but they might want to upgrade.
  • Justin Forsett had a big year, but he might be the product of the system, so as long as no one breaks the bank, I would expect him back.
  • Pernell McPhee would be awesome to keep, but my suspicion is he is this year's Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbee or Arthur Jones, where someone overpays.
  • Morgan Cox proved his value based on who replaced him when he was hurt, so he should be staying.
  • Darian Stewart, Jeromy Miles, and Danny Gorrer all were part of a shaky secondary; you better hope they aren't all back. 1 or 2 maybe, but the Ravens desperately need to upgrade.
  • Jah Reid, Terrance Cody -- it's been nice knowing you.
  • Tyrod Taylor, this could be interesting. He is a free agent. He has never played significant time. Will someone allow him to compete for playing time at all? Is he comfortable carrying a clipboard and cashing a nice check? If he plays for the minimum, the Ravens might keep him. If he wants a chance to play (and a big raise), I think he is gone.



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