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Steve Davis: Ravens To Do List

Now that we've had a chance to digest what the Ravens brass had to say at their "State of the Ravens" press conference, I have been kicking this around. Based on Ozzie's comments early in the press conference, I am expecting them to be reworking contracts of big name players to create more cap room.

First on the list is Ngata, who has a cap number of 16 million and salary of $8.5 million. If nothing else, they'd like to turn most of that salary into bonus money and extend him, reducing his cap number by several million. It seems unlikely they'd cut him, but it also seems unlikely they want his cap number to be 16 mil.

Lardarius Webb is another target. His cap number is $12 million with a salary of 8 mil. They probably don't want to extend him, but his cap number is very high for a player who has been injury prone and tailed off.

Keep an eye on Marshall Yanda. His cap number is $8.5 million with a salary of $5.5 mil. He is in the final year of his deal and is an obvious guy to extend so you don't run the risk of losing him in free agency. They could save some, but not of a ton of money, by signing him and turning some of his salary into bonus money.

Jimmy Smith is another player to watch. His salary and cap number is about $7 million in his final year. If they extend him, they can lower his cap hit. However, it is probably hard to extend him when he has been hurt so much. They don't want to pay him too much and he may want to prove himself this year and get to free agency, where he could clean up if he has a big year and stays healthy.

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