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Steve Davis: Ravens Firing Squad Out

Man, the dogs were out today, after the Ravens cut Chykie Brown and Dominique Franks. We had people calling for Ozzie's head, saying he lost his touch. Blaming Dean Pees and Steve Spagnuolo, Harbaugh for talking up his cornerbacks. I am surprised no one blamed the equipment guy for giving them jerseys.

In fairness to the Ravens, we likely wouldn't be having this conversation if Jimmy Smith wasn't hurt, because then Franks wouldn't have started and Brown would have still been inactive. Asa Jackson has been out, and if he wasn't hurt, Franks wouldn't even be on the team. Also, Aaron Ross was lost for the season before camp even started. Webb missed camp and the start of the season. Oh yeah, the defensive line was crippled by injuries, likely affecting the pass rush, making it harder on the defensive backs.

Injuries might not be an excuse.... except they are or, at the very least, an explanation.

Now, the Ravens aren't blameless, because they had Brown on the roster, and they knew Webb was hurt early in the camp. Their safeties are healthy, but aren't playing every well. All of that contributes to this. Again though, injuries are the number one factor for why the secondary has struggled.


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