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Steve Davis: Peyton Can Only Enhance His Legacy

I don't think the Broncos have a very good chance of winning the Super Bowl, but I sure hope if they don't, that people won't point to Peyton being 1-3 in Super Bowls and saying he was a choker in the playoffs.

Maybe they could hold it against him in the past, but how can anyone criticize him for whatever happens this year?  He has no arm. The guy can't throw. Even his two touchdowns in the AFC Championship were wobbly flutterballs. I'll be honest, I'm amazed he is going to be a quarterback in the Super Bowl.  If he plays poorly, looking at his arm and his neck, how can anyone be surprised.  If he plays really well, that might even be more surprising.  I can't say he is the greatest quarterback ever. Not with Brady winning 4 Super Bowls and Peyton only 1. Even Peyton winning 2 won't change that.

However, I've enjoyed watching Peyton more than any quarterback I've ever seen.  He's been to 4 Super Bowls with 4 different coaches. No one can say that.  Brady had one coach for 6 Super Bowls. Montana went with 2 different coaches but the other guys that went to a lot of Super Bowls pretty much went with one coach, on occasion 2 --Bradshaw, Staubach, Tarkenton, Kelly, Aikman, Roethlisburger.

What Peyton has done has truly been remarkable. Don't be too harsh if the old guy doing it on fumes can't win this Super Bowl.

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