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Steve Davis: Expect Orioles to Make A Trade

Based on Dan Duquette's recent comments, the Orioles will be trading a for a pitcher before July 31. Duquette said starter or reliever.

I definitely would be interested in getting a left-handed reliever. Brian Matusz just doesn't seem all that reliable, although his lefty splits are still good.

I am skeptical that they can really upgrade their rotation. I highly doubt they will be in on Cole Hamels, Johnny Cueto or Jeff Samardzija. The latter two are pending free agents and Hamels makes over $20 million a year. However, they do need to get better starting pitching. The rotation is 14th in innings, which means they just don't pitch deep enough into games.

I don't think they will give up as highly touted a prospect as Eduardo Rodriguez, particularly since Bundy and Harvey are both hurt.

I would like to see them go get a starting corner outfielder because this constant rotation of players is just a crapshoot. It doesn't seem like anyone is going to emerge. Plus, I'd rather have Chris Davis at first base. He just doesn't appear that comfortable in the outfield, which isn't his fault. He just hasn't logged much time there.

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