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Steve Davis: Do Them A Favor: Make Your Kids Watch The Olympics!

I am so tired of hearing people rip the Olympics because of the dirty water, lack of pillows, missing doorknobs, etc.

Is it affecting you? No, of course not.  We didn't get to go.  And, if someone paid my way, I would have gone.  It is an amazing spectacle.

Don't get me wrong. I don't agree with the decision to put the Olympics in Sochi, but now that they are there, I am going to watch.  Do I know who the athletes are?  No, but I will over the next two weeks, and there are some great stories. This slopestyle snowboarding is awesome. The downhill is as thrilling as always. I have made my kids watch.  They can skip two weeks of their typical garbage shows to learn about new sports, new people and new parts of the world.

We rarely get a chance to show patriotism and feel good about our country.  The Olympics provide that opportunity.  It is great to see these Olympics with the unreal smiles.  You rarely see that watching other sports.  To be honest, my kids resisted initially, and now they are totally into the Olympics.

I am by no means an Olympic geek.  I won't watch for 5 hours a day, but when I flip on the TV, I definitely think it is a refreshing change from what is normally on the TV.

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