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Steve Davis: Commissioner Roger Goodell Was In A No-Win Situation

I'm not the least bit surprised that the NFL and Roger Goodell did not lessen the penalty against Tom Brady. Either way the commissioner was in a no-win situation.

If he sticks to his guns like he's doing, people are going to say the punishment was unfair.

If he reduces the penalty, then people are going to say he's now overruling , essentially himself, or at least his own people. To me, it made sense for the commissioner to keep the penalty the way it is. But was stunning to me, was to find out that Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone.

That, in my opinion, changes the entire story on how Brady participated in this entire scheme.

He has lost the ability to tell people that he didn't know anything about this . If he knew nothing, then why would he destroyed his cell phone?

His argument that he does this every four months is not plausible. It is hard to imagine, that even if he generally destroyed his phone, that in this particular case, knowing he was under investigation, he wouldn't at least hold it aside just in case you needed it to prove his innocence.

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