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Steve Davis: Appreciating A Classic - Brady vs. Manning

I would be stunned if this wasn't the last time we see Peyton Manning and Tom Brady play each other.  And what a memory this was.  One of the greatest football games I have ever seen. Absolutely riveting!

Now, it is true that neither quarterback will file this away as one of their best games. It was a defensive battle, and the defense was phenomenal.

What struck me about the two quarterbacks was their toughness.

Two guys pushing 40, oldest QB match-up ever in a conference championship and both guys took some incredible shots, especially Brady.  He was hit more than any QB in any game this year... and still hung in there. He may be a pretty boy, but he is a pretty tough boy too. And how about Peyton. The ball flutters out of his hand.  He needs to wear a glove just to grip it enough.  Yet, he played well enough to help his team win.

People shouldn't begrudge that he has lost "it." They should appreciate that he lost "'it' and yet still has 'it.'"  What a final memory they gave us.

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