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State's Attorney Mosby Says Hogan Is Responsible For City Violence, Calls For Audit Of State Agencies

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The increasingly public feud between Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Gov. Larry Hogan continued Tuesday with Mosby accusing the governor of criticizing Baltimore and its leaders to score political points.

Mosby called a news conference Tuesday to share a decade's worth of data detailing which cases the State Attorney's Office chose not to prosecute. It was apparently in response to statements Hogan made last month when he threatened to freeze the agency's funding if it did not release the data.

In November, the governor threatened to withhold funding to Mosby's office if he didn't receive data to evaluate her office's work, but Mosby says the data was always available and sent the governor an open letter with 30 pages of data.

Mosby also implied Hogan's refusal to meet with her and other black leaders of the city is not only unproductive but racist.  

"The governor has been coming for me for seven years," Mosby said Tuesday. "He continues his incessant dog whistling attacks about Baltimore crime... his actions are purely political.

Mosby also requested an audit to take a closer look at state agencies like the Department of Juvenile Services, claiming the governor's mismanagement of them is causing the uptick in crime.

She used an example of the suspect in the murder of church volunteer Evelyn Player in November. 

"Any of the city's problems can be laid at the door of the state agencies that he oversees," Mosby said. "Despite the numerous red flags and mental health issues, the state supervision was lowered for this violent repeat offender by the governor's state agency."

The governor on Fox News said Sunday part of the problem is Marilyn Mosby. 

"We have a prosecutor in Baltimore City that refuses to prosecute violent criminals and that's at the root of the problem," Hogan said on the cable news network."

Mosby said the governor refuses to meet with city leaders, but instead blames them. 

"In his time in office, he has blamed the mayor, the police commissioner, the judge,s city council and even the state legislature for the crime in Baltimore City," Mosby said. 

In response to Mosby's words today the governor's spokesperson said: "This is just sad at this point—for her, for the city, for the state."

The mayor's office told WJZ Mayor Scott and Governor Hogan planned to meet this week to talk city violence, but the plan has been postponed over Hogan's COVID-19 infection. The meeting is planned to take place before the end of January.

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