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State Highway Officials Working To Repair Potholes

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The start of Spring brings along the start of pothole season. Tracey Leong explains how our State Highway Administration is working to fix this problem.

Maryland's roads are riddled with potholes, which are an expensive headache, not only for drivers, but for Maryland as well.

The state spends an average of $4 million dollars every year patching them up.

Crews are now spread across Maryland, working to make commutes smoother.

"There are a lot out there and our crews are continuing to do these mobile pothole patrols, particularly on the beltway, 83, all the big roadways including the secondary roadways," says Charlie Gischler, with Maryland State Highway Administration.

Heavy traffic is taking a toll on these vulnerable surfaces that were weakened as a result of moisture, and fluctuating temperatures.

"I have bent rim on my car because of a pothole," says Maryland driver Derek Drummond.

The potholes are a headache for drivers, causing issues on cars that aren't cheap to fix.

"Every time you hit a pothole, it knocks out your alignment, damages your suspension, knocks out your tires and rims, and it's very costly," says Hampden Tires mechanic Steven Byrd.

Byrd tells WJZ, nearly 80 percent of Hampden Tires' customers need a pothole-related repair.

"Be careful and take it slow, and try and to avoid them and tell the city to repair these potholes as they come up," he says.

The State Highway Administration spends about $95 dollars for every pothole repair. With their busy season now underway, they urge drivers to slow down and watch out for their crews as they work to improve bumpy roads.

If you see a pothole, officials say to report it so they can send a crew out to fix it.

You can report to the state highway administration directly online, CLICK HERE.

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