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"Spillover Effect": What impact has Taylor Swift had on the NFL?

Your Sunday morning news roundup | February 11, 2024
Your Sunday morning news roundup | February 11, 2024 01:42

BALTIMORE - It's Super Bowl Sunday - a celebration for much of the country.

Swifties - the nickname for Taylor Swift's devoted fans - may be just as excited, if not more, than die-hard Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers fans.

WJZ's Miana Massey breaks down Swift's impact on the National Football League, since she started dating Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce and attended his games.

Swift has blasted through the ceiling of what it means to be a worldwide sensation.

"i would even argue that it exceeds the beetle mania in the 60s," said Sandeep Patnaik, program director of marketing at the University of Maryland.

Swift recently became the only artist to win album of the year four times. Her national "Eras Tour" was the first to the gross over $1 billion. 

Aside from breaking records, Swift's love life is also making headlines. 

Since Swift began dating Kelce, the NFL has seen a massive jump in game viewership.

"Especially in the age group of 18 to 49," Patnaik said. "That's the coveted age group amongst woman, so a massive number of people are tuning in who would otherwise not be." 

It's called the "Spillover Effect," where Swifties and football collide. 

"The NFL has been playing the cupid for a reason because they value the money that is coming in," Patnaik" 

Patnaik said that in just months the love story has generated more than $300 million for the NFL dollars for the NFL.

"They are trying to build a narrative," Patnaik said. "Brands survive on storytelling. This is a great story, perhaps more powerful than a formal indorsement or advertisement, so this will have massive impact on social media in terms of revenue." 

And it's no surprise.

Over her nearly 20-year career, Swift has mastered brand marketing and authenticity.  

"At least, to her fans, she is very real and relatable, sharing her pains, struggles, successes," Patnaik said. 

For those aspiring to make their mark, in business or other avenues, Patnaik says there's a lot to learn from Swift.  

"In terms of positioning in her nurturing of her customer base and an overall authentic and resilient brand," Patnaik said. 

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