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Spider-Man, Batman & Wonder Woman Visit Sick Children At Sinai Hospital

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- Taking a break from saving the world, a few superheroes visited with sick children Wednesday at Sinai Hospital.

Andrea Fujii explains one of them made the trip despite a recent brush with the law.

Straight from Gotham City, Batman made an entrance at Sinai Children's Hospital where he joined Spider-Man and Wonder Woman for a superheroes party.

"They're constantly fighting for their lives, and if this helps them then that's what it's all about," Lenny Robinson, who came as Batman, said.

Robinson was in the media recently with his now infamous Batmobile. But it was the license plate that almost got him in trouble with the law last month.

Montgomery County police stopped Robinson on March 21 because he forgot to take off his Batman tags on his way to another children's hospital visit.

"It was unbelievable how nice they were. All they wanted to do was make sure the car was registered," Robinson said.

He made friends with the officers, just like he and the other superheroes win over every child patient they meet.

"It really feels good to know that a lot of them really care and come here," Renee Voss, a leg lengthening patient, said.

Seven-year-old Joshua Hirtle has leukemia, and though he likes Wonder Woman, Batman is his favorite.

"I have a toy that's a Batcave with Robin and Batman, and I have his helicopter," Hirtle said.

The Caped Crusader is making a difference one hospital at a time.

The organization Hope for Henry put on Wednesday's party.

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