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Small Dog Stabbed, Held In Fire In Baltimore County

BALDWIN, Md. (WJZ) -- Another brutal case of animal cruelty in Baltimore County.

As Mike Schuh reports, a small dog was stabbed and held in a fire.

You'd understand if Luna never trusted humans again. Two weeks ago:

"The owner set a fire in the apartment, either held the dog in the fire or threw the dog in the fire, we're not sure," said Tom Scollins, Baltimore County Animal Control.

The medical director at the county shelter takes stock of her injuries. The dog's owner, 45-year-old Dligra Ortiz, now has seven charges filed against her.

"The dog was also stabbed," Scollins said.

Luna has knife wounds on her nose, legs and body.

"The knife wound to the front left foot was severe enough that the joint is dislocated," said Dr. Leslie Sinclair D.M.V., Baltimore County Animal Control.

Scared and shaky, Animal Control is amazed at how calm she is--particularly considering what she's been through.

"She was intentionally set on fire and held in that fire. Because of the nature of her wounds, she was not able to escape from it," said Dr. Sinclair. "She's been a brave little dog. She has never growled, she has never snapped."

Though she's still bandaged and limping and needs help up into her cage, she's in a much better spot now. In a few more weeks, her physical wounds will have healed, waiting on the court case.

"And the judge in nine times out of ten forfeits the animal, which means the person loses ownership, the ownership transfers to the county and we're able to adopt it out to a good home," Scollins said.

No trial date has been set. The prosecutor expects it to be two to three months from now.

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