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Sinai Opens New Children's Hospital, 'Built On The Backs Of Philanthropy'

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Northwest Baltimore has a spectacular new building. It's family-friendly, high-tech and designed to help kids.

Ron Matz has more on the new children's hospital at Sinai.

"Every room is private," said Dr. Joseph Wiley, chairman of the pediatrics department. "All 26 rooms are single-bed rooms. We respect the patient's privacy and patient's dignity and the family's privacy and dignity."

The new children's hospital at Sinai has 26 private rooms designed to be child and family-friendly.

"There's a really big article this month in the American Journal of Pediatrics," Wiley said. "Patient centered care, family centered care, families like it better. Hospital stays are shorter, fewer re-admissions to the hospital, fewer visits to the emergency room afterwards, better outcomes. We designed this place to support that style of medicine."

"We think out loud," Wiley continued. "We don't hide ourselves. We communicate with the family in a way that they feel like they're participating in the diagnosis, the treatment plan and their recovery period."

The three NFL players who toured the building Tuesday were all born at Sinai.

"I was born at this hospital 34 years ago on Oct. 31, and to see it come full circle it's just awesome," said Keion Carpenter, retired NFL player. "It's just amazing. The feeling is good. You feel a lot of love when you come in this room. I think the kids when they come in here they'll feel that in the hopes of helping them get better in whatever they are dealing with."

There's a live feed from the National Aquarium, flat screen TVs and an expanded playroom.

"The playroom is about 50 percent bigger than the old room," said Wiley. "It has a great view and a waterbed. We wanted to make it an environment that was absolutely safe for them. We don't do anything medical in that room other than watch kids play, which is important. If you need something done you have to go back to your room."

This is a $29.5 million project, the majority of that money coming from Baltimoreans.

"This is a phenomenal achievement by the community, by the hospital and by the donors," Wiley said. "We built almost all this on the backs of philanthropy. We helped raise the money. People were very, very generous. What we've provided is a legacy for the community. We're the hospital for the community."

The formal dedication of the new children's hospital at Sinai is scheduled for Thursday.

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