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Several Teens Injured In Police-Involved Accident

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore police are turning to surveillance cameras and witnesses to learn the cause of an officer-involved accident.

The wreck happened early Saturday morning and, as Gigi Barnett explains, several teens were injured in the collision.

Accident debris lines the intersection of Whitelock Street and Eutaw Place in Northwest Baltimore. The accident happened at 3 a.m. Saturday. Seven teens were inside one vehicle, which was crossing through the intersection. That car collided with a police cruiser on an emergency call. The teens say the officer didn't obey the red light.

"Dwayne and them had the green light. The police officer came through. He had his lights on but he never gave them time to stop," said Shauntae Stamper, the aunt of one of the victims.

Stamper's 17-year-old nephew, Dwayne Miles Jr., was driving the car. Stamper says all of the teens are football teammates who are now seriously injured.

"One may never walk. Two broken necks with a spine and my nephew with his pelvis crushed," she said.

In a statement to WJZ, police spokesperson Jeremy Silbert said, "The accident investigation unit is looking into this. They'll talk with the officer, the teens and any other witnesses and use surveillance cameras in the area to determine the cause."

The family says they're still waiting to hear from police.

"At least an apology, concern, something. That's all we're asking," Stamper said.

While police are still trying to figure out which driver was at fault, the city does have a policy that requires all emergency vehicles to stop at red lights and stop signs, even if they're on an emergency call.

Police say there was a third car involved. The force of the impact caused the vehicles to slam into a parked car.

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