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Sen. Cardin Stops In Baltimore On His Made in Maryland Jobs Tour

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --The Tulkoff family has been bringing tears to the eyes of Marylanders for generations. Horseradish is the company's mainstay.

Alex Demetrick reports, adaptability has kept it alive.

Even for a root, horseradish is pretty much a niche product, but it's been Turkoff's bread and butter for three generations.

Manufactured in Dundalk, it's sold worldwide, although it's been harder in some foreign markets.

The process the company uses to make their horseradish has taught Sen. Ben Cardin something new.

It's why he tours small Maryland businesses, which must constantly adapt to stay in business.

Tulkoff is no exception. Neither is what Cardin is hearing about what help Congress must provide.

"I think we can provide a more level playing field for export. I think we can make life easier as far as the availability of credit, so small companies can get the capital they need to expand," said Cardin.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for companies like Tulkoff is managing what they can't control.

"All the expenses, gas and electric, uilities. It's not going up 10 to 15 percent a year. So that's a challenge," said Tulkoff CFO Paul Rostkowski.

Cardin's "Made in Maryland Jobs Tour" has covered diverse businesses, from wineries to cement plants.

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