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Seize the Grey, winner of the Preakness Stakes, has over 2500 owners. Here's how

Steve Sosna has yourSaturday night forecast: 5/18/24
Steve Sosna has yourSaturday night forecast: 5/18/24 01:20

BALTIMORE -- The winner of this year's Preakness takes home about $1.2 million. After Seize the Grey won the race on Saturday, that prize money will be divvied up between its more than 2500 owners. 

"We made some money! We made some money - we went after it! It was amazing," said co-owner Eric Barger (18:39:07-18:39:11)

"It was just incredible," said Viktoria Schofield, another co-owner. "Seize the Grey, I mean he pulled it off, he never got behind. It was amazing, so exciting."

This couple from Howard County not only bet on Seize the Grey. They're two of the 2570 shareholders. Forty-eight of them are from Maryland, including Allen Chilson.

"The horse is built for speed, he's known for early speed," Chilson said. "He got out there early on this muddy track and just stayed up front."

Seize the Grey is owned by a company called MyRacehorse which sells thoroughbred shares to the public. Michael Behrens is the founder.

"Horse racing is such an amazing sport ownership, is such a great thrill, and for this to unlock that, let people know that is possible for anybody to participate and have this kind of moment, I think it's going to be big for business," Behrens said. "Its big for racing and I'm just excited to be a part of it." 

The co-owners rushed to the Winner's Circle to celebrate. And from the circle to the infield, it was a day for everyone to celebrate. 

"We had an awesome time, just watching the camaraderie and how they treat the horses and how they congratulated them and people stood up for them," said Veronica Pearson of North Carolina. "I had a great time!"

So what's next for Seize the Grey? If he competes, the Belmont Stakes in Saratoga Springs on June 8. 

What's next for the historic Pimlico Race Course is a $400 million rebuild bringing a new track and training facility.

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