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Search Continues For More Than A Dozen Black Guerrilla Family Gang Members

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The hunt is on for more members of a notoriously violent gang police say terrorized a East Baltimore neighborhood for years.

Derek Valcourt has more as police crack down on the Black Guerrilla Family gang.

Overnight, police tracked down and arrested two more alleged gang members, bringing the total number of arrested to 35. But still, 13 others remain on the run.

Murders, shootings, drug trafficking and witness intimidation. The Greenmount area's Black Guerrilla Family gang did it all. Thursday, police raided the Barclay neighborhood, arresting dozens of people with ties to the gang. One of them somehow escaped, still wearing handcuffs.

More than a dozen are still on the run.

"And I promise you we are going to find them. Our officers and detectives are working around the clock to track them down. They're very good at it," said Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, Baltimore City Police.

According to police, David Hunter had become the de facto leader of the ruthless criminal organization, responsible for numerous murders and shootings in the Greenmount corridor dating back to 2005.

One of those killed, Carlos Williams, had angered the gang by trying to open a drug rehab clinic on BGF turf. Investigators say the gang's reign of terror extended into other neighborhoods, as well.

"I think it's the tip of the iceberg," said Tony Avendorph, gang expert.

Avendorph has spent his law enforcement investigating gangs. The BGF originated in West Coast prisons, but has the second largest membership right here in Maryland.

In fact, earlier this year, federal authorities charged BGF gang member Tavon White with essentially running the Baltimore City Detention Center. He corrupted female correctional officers, even getting four of them pregnant.

It's a sign of BGF's power both inside and outside prison walls.

"Take 48 out of the Barclay neighborhood, somebody's going to take over where they left off," Avendorph said. "Another gang, maybe more BGF. No one really knows right now."

Police vow they will continue their crackdown on the Black Guerrilla Family and any other gangs operating in Baltimore.

Prosecutors say the arrested BGF members will be prosecuted under Maryland's 2007 gang statute, which carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

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