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Scott Garceau: Waive Them Bye-Bye?

The exit ramp is backed up on the Baltimore Beltway, Gary Kubiak may be taking his game plan to Denver and MLB Executive of the Year Dan Duquette is heading for BWI and would like the next direct flight to Toronto please. Sunday night Kubiak told the Ravens website he wasn't interested in those NFL head coach openings, no he was perfectly happy to be in Baltimore hon running the Ravens offense.

Today reports that he'll be in Denver this weekend interviewing with his buddy John Elway to become the Bronco's head coach. I'll give Kubiak the benefit of the doubt; he really did intend to stay with the Ravens. He was happy to run the offense here, but then John Fox was out, Elway called pleading and the Kubiak family did really enjoyed all those years in Denver so sure let's talk about it. And you know what, five-million dollar a year jobs aren't that easy to find.

If Kubiak heads for the Rockies the Ravens are losing a good one. Under his direction Baltimore finished with their highest offensive ranking in 17 years and set team records for yards per game and points scored. He seemed to get the best out of Joe Flacco. After a disappointing 2013 season Flacco came back and set career highs in TD passes (27) and passing yards (3,986).

The Ravens running game had a dramatic turnaround with Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator. Baltimore was dead last in average per carry in 2013; under Kubiak they moved up 25 spots to rank 7th and Justin Forsett lead all NFL running backs in average per carry. If Kubiak goes to Denver he may take Ravens assistants with him; Rick Dennison and Brian Pariani are offensive coaches that came with Kubiak and would be candidates to leave with him.

If Quarterbacks Coach Dennison stayed in Baltimore he'd be a candidate to be the Ravens Offensive Coordinator. Kyle Shanahan who recently left the Browns as Offensive Coordinator is another possible candidate. The Ravens had success with Kubiak's offense and if they promote from within it could be business as usual. The toughest part of replacing Kubiak will be the play-calling. Kubiak had a great feel for setting up plays and taking advantage of match-ups at just the right time.

Don't panic Ravens Nation remember your team won 2 Super Bowls without Gary Kubiak. If he goes he's not taking Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, or Joe Flacco with him. The Ravens like the other 31 teams in the NFL will be different next year but I'd be surprised if they're not a solid playoff contender with or without coach K.

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