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Sal Paolantonio Says Team Owners Not Pressuring Goodell; Says Previous Statement Was 'Speculation'

BALTIMORE (WJZ-FM) -- It's rare to hear from Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti -- it's especially rare to hear from him via a statement on a Sunday.

ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio spoke to Ken and Steve about comments he made on a recent radio interview about the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's response to Deflategate-- and how those comments lead to Bisciotti's weekend response.

Paolantonio said that Bisciotti along with Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts and other AFC owners were angered by the NFL response, or lack thereof and, "believe that the Patriots have gotten away with murder for years, and have not been publicly punished properly."

Bisciotti responded with the following statement Sunday:

"I have not and will not put any pressure on the Commissioner or anyone representing the NFL office to take action in what everyone is calling 'Deflategate. The story circulating that I have put pressure on Roger (Goodell) is 100 percent wrong. The reports are unfair to Robert Kraft, who is an honorable person, and to his franchise. Let's talk about football and the start of training camps. Fans and people like me want the issue resolved now."

On The Fan, Paolantonio said that Bisciotti should have released a statement sooner -- but that it's clear from his statement, "it sounds like he just doesn't care, he just wants the matter to be resolved."

"I was wrong to say what I said..." Paolantonio said. "...and what I was able to find out pretty clearly is that the owners are not pressuring Roger Goodell at all. So I would have never have reported that. And the other thing was that it was not a report, it was just me talking on a radio station, it was my opinion and it was speculation."

He said he didn't want to get into how the media altered what he said on air -- but that it's clear the owners just want this situation over.

He also speculates that some believe the handling of deflate-gate has been unfair to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, saying that Brady is essentially in limbo as he awaits the commissioners ruling.

Paolantonio also believes there will be a ruling on Deflate-gate in the next 48 hours.

He thinks the Ravens to be in contention for an AFC title game this season. He thinks the Ravens roster is loaded with talent and that Marc Trestman will work tremendously well with Joe Flacco and this offense.


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