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Rookie Ravens Players Get A Lesson In Domestic Violence

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Rookie players for the Baltimore Ravens get an important lesson in how to treat others.

Jessica Kartalija reports it's part of a program to end intimate partner violence.

Following the domestic violence incident involving former Raven Ray Rice and his then-fiancee in Atlantic City last year, the team has partnered with House of Ruth Maryland--urging men to "man up" to end intimate partner violence.

It's movie night at The Senator, but "The Mask You Live In" comes with a very important message.

"It's a film about young boys and the attitudes and beliefs they have about what it means to behave like a man, to act like a man," said Sandi Timmins, Exec. Director, House of Ruth Maryland.

"The three of the most destructive words that every man receives when he is a boy is when he is told to be a man," said former Baltimore Colt Joe Ehrmann.

Ehrmann is part of the film. He has been called one of the top 100 most influential sports educators in America.

"To eradicate male violence toward women, we've got to raise up a healthier generation of boys that become men, that learn how to be emotionally connected and how to respect other human beings," said Ehrmann.

"I really thought it was really powerful. There were a lot of things in there that I could relate to," said Ravens wide receiver Darren Waller.

"I think a lot of times as men we don't really know that there's a big problem out there and it's good to see the numbers and see that we can have an effect on that," said Ravens punter Justin Manton.

Baltimore area high school students were also invited.

"It's okay to talk to somebody, it's okay to cry, it's okay to be yourself around other people," said one student.

"Get them up to speed -- not just on what it is to have a job for the first time hopefully in the National Football League, but to be a future husband, a future father, a better son," said Harry Swayne, Ravens director of player development.

One in four women are victims of domestic violence.

Over the next three years, the Baltimore Ravens will donate $600,000 to the House of Ruth Maryland towards the effort to educate men on intimate partner violence.

Proceeds from the show will benefit House of Ruth.

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