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Ron Sirak Of Golf Digest On The Amazing Final Round Of The British Open

Ron Sirak is the Senior Writer for Golf Digest and a published author.

Ron joined Ed and Steve to talk about the amazing performances by Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson at the British Open.

Ron started off by talking about where this British Open ranks in terms of great rounds all-time saying "this is as good as it gets, I can't think of another place where two players paired together in the final group played this well." When asked about course difficulty and the weather for the championship Ron said "the course was more difficult early in the week Thursday and Friday they had some wind and rain...Sunday was the most benign weather that they had."

As for what kind of person Henrik Stenson is Ron said "he's a really great guy, he's funny...he back story to him is about seven years ago he lost all of his money in a ponzi scheme to a guy who is now in jail."

Ron went on to talk about golfers today and how they measure up with the greats of the past and whether or not yesterday's greats could keep up with today's best players.

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