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Rob Neyer MLB Writer For FOX Sports

Rob Neyer MLB Writer For FOX Sports

Rob Neyer, an MLB writer for FOX sports, joins Scott and Jeremy to discuss possible trade scenarios in the Majors, detailing whether or not the Orioles will make a big move.

The window of a few weeks just after the all-star break is generally the prime time period for contending teams to trade for difference makers. Rob Neyer identified several notable players that may be on the move.
"I think David Price gets dealt, Cliff Lee might get dealt, I think Alex Rios might get traded, and I think Jon Lester might even get traded since the Redsox' season isn't going well," said Neyer.

While it would be surprising to see Lester leave Boston, the Redsox are currently 7.5 games back, and don't look to be carrying much momentum out of the all-star break. Thus, Boston may look to rebuild a bit.

"You've got to play tremendous baseball in order to get to 90 wins by the end of the season. But, maybe it doesn't take 90 wins in the AL East," Neyer said.

Conversely, the Tampa Bay Rays, also 7.5 games behind the Orioles for first, do have momentum of late with seven straight wins. Ironically, the Rays are under more pressure than Boston to trade a star due to his contractual details.

"The reason the Rays really need to trade him is because he is eligible for arbitration next season, and there's no way Tampa is going to pay him the $20M he'd be due," said Neyer.

Staying within the AL East, Neyer pointed out the glaring gap in the Orioles' roster—one that many speculate they might trade for to find a solution.
"The Orioles are like every other team in the division--they're flawed. Not fatally, because of the division they're in, but they need an ace [pitcher] badly."

"None of these clubs in the division have strong farm systems for various reasons. But there is just too much money in the front offices to stay down for too long," Neyer added.

With all that being said, this season might be the best for the Orioles to strike a deal to carry them deep into the postseason. With the big powerhouses of the division unusually wounded, a David Price or Cliff Lee deal looks even sweeter to fans in Baltimore.

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