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Rob Long: Commissioner Rob Manfred Issues Warning To Os And Red Sox

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has spoken. In wake of Chris Sale throwing behind Manny Machado, the Commissioner held a conference call with both Buck Showalter and John Ferrell warning the two sides to "cease fire."

You would think this would mean Wednesday's game would begin with an official warning. It will not, just like before Monday's and Tuesday's games in a series that had a set story line. ESPN was set to broadcast the Indians/Tigers game but changed it to the Orioles/Red Sox game. This was on the heels of the drama that took place at Oriole Park at Camden Yards when the two teams faced less than two weeks ago.

Why do you think the network changed its plans? They saw potential for more drama.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale would be suspended reportedly around 10 games which will force him to miss a start. Manny Machado ripped the Red Sox after the game for throwing at him after Tuesday's game.

This is a Boston team that's been aggressive on the base paths in year's past including Pablo Sandoval taking out Jonathan Schoop in 2015. That's part of the game. When Ubaldo Jimenez retaliated, he was immediately ejected and it seems everything was over.

Now, Boston continues to whine about this incident that should not even be an incident. Manny was playing baseball. Dustin Pedroia was injured on a baseball play.

There was nothing intentional about it. Yet, the Boston Red Sox want blood from Machado. I'm glad Commissioner Manfred has spoken, but do not think this is over. The two teams just pressed pause.

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