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"Roar for Kids 5K" fundraiser to help support Kennedy Krieger Institute research, programs

"Roar for Kids 5K" helps fund research, programs at Kennedy Krieger
"Roar for Kids 5K" helps fund research, programs at Kennedy Krieger 02:08

BALTIMORE - People will hit the pavement this weekend to participate in Kennedy Krieger Institute's "Roar for Kids 5K Run" fundraiser which will help support research and programs.

Many families are benefiting from their services.

Matheson Milles is like many little boys his age. He loves Peppa Pig, the color yellow and will talk about whatever is on his mind.

"He is a lovable tornado of a toddler," his mother Stephanie Milles said. "There is no stopping him and the success that he has had."

There is very little to distinguish this 3-year-old from other children except for that he has eosinophilic esophagitis.

"It's probably the scariest thing I have ever dealt with," Stephanie Milles said.

That's Stephanie Milles says she was grateful to find and enroll her son in Kennedy Krieger's Pact Program which provides care for preschool-aged children, but more importantly, medically fragile children.

"There are always options, you just have to know where to look and where to ask," Milles said. "I experienced having a difficult time finding this resource, but please know, this resource does exist."

The rambunctious toddler requires a feeding tube to deliver nutrition directly into his gastrointestinal system. 

The resources Pact provides are not limited.

"Our center is an inclusive center where children with and without learning and developmental differences work and play side by side," said Marcella Franczkowski, executive director at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Matheson is looking forward to Kennedy Krieger's "Roar for Kids 5K Road Race" that helps raise funds for research and programs like Pact.

"We have, I believe we have, 25 members on Team Matt Matt right now and we are going to try really hard to raise enough money for Pact and hopefully a new playground," Milles said.

For more information visit this website.

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