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Residents say they waited over an hour at one water distribution site, officials pledge it will be better Friday

Water delivery delayed over an hour at one site, officials say Friday will be better
Residents say they waited over an hour at one water distribution site, officials say Friday will be better 02:50

BALTIMORE - Residents told WJZ on Thursday they waited over an hour for water at a distribution site set up in the wake of an E. coli contamination in the drinking water.

City officials said that should not happen and will not happen again, and their operation tomorrow will be bigger than it was today

"We have more resources coming tomorrow," said James Wallace, director of the Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management. "There will be more water here tomorrow the operation will be even bigger tomorrow."

Cars wrapped around W. Lafayette Avenue at the distribution site at Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School.

Thursday marked day four of a Required Boil Water Advisory for a large part of West Baltimore.

The last positive test of harmful bacteria was on N. Mount Street, where mains are being flushed.

Wallace said water will be available even after the water boil advisory is lifted

"We understand there may be concerns and we're going to be here to assist with that," he said.

Maryland's gubernatorial candidates helped distribute water on Thursday.

"We are watching lines of cars coming up who do not have any access to clean water," said Democrat Wes Moore.

"We need to have systemic changes in how the city has been managed," said Republican Dan Cox.

The distribution sites will be open again Friday from 9 a.m. -8 p.m.

Wallace said he does not believe this crisis has reached a level where FEMA or the national guard should be brought in.

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