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Report: Millennials 'Riskiest Drivers On Our Roads Today'

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- A new study by AAA finds that most young millennials, engage in risky behavior behind the wheel.

Amy Yensi reports on the troubling findings.

What's even more alarming is that the young drivers confess to what they're doing. They know it's wrong, but they just can't stop.

A 22-year old driver using Snapchat clocked in at 82 miles per hour then speeds up to 115 miles per hour. Moments later he loses control, crashing into and killing 5 people, all caught on video.

Another young driver was caught on video staring down at his cell phone right before swerving off the road.

AAA released a new study showing that young millennials, ages 19 to 24, are the worst behaved drivers in the country.

"Younger millennials are the riskiest drivers on our roads today," said spokesperson Christine Delise from AAA Mid-Atlantic.

That's nearly 90 percent of young millennials engaging in at least one risky behavior behind the wheel in the past 30 days, a much higher rate than any other age group.

The dangerous behaviors include texting while driving, speeding and running red lights. Young people fessed up to actions to WJZ, saying they know the increased the risk of a crash.

"I will admit that I do text while driving sometimes but I think it's just because we are addicted to our phones," said millennial driver, Noellie Kellner said.

"I used to use my phone while I'm driving. That caused me big problems," said millennial driver Mohammad Alhami.

The findings come as traffic deaths in the U.S. reach a 5-decade high, jumping to 35,000 nationwide.

In Maryland, more than 500 people died in crashes in 2015. The highest number of highway deaths since 2009.

"That's the reason why you have to cutback and learn some self-discipline," said Renee Le.

So that the roads are safe for everyone.

The Maryland General Assembly is considering legislation that increases the fine to $500 for holding a cellphone while driving.

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