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Ray Lewis To Release Memoir In October

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be releasing a memoir in October, according to his book's publisher Simon & Schuster.

'I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, and Glory' is set to be released sometime in mid to late October.

According to the publisher's website, Lewis will discuss the state of football, his troubled childhood, his rise to fame and the accusations that nearly ruined his NFL career.

"In his memoir, he brings us right onto the field to see the action from a player's point of view. But he also has much to say about his struggles off the field, including his father abandoning him as a child, his best friend's murder, and his own wrongful incarceration that threatened to cut short his football career. But, as Lewis will attest, these heartbreaks helped lead him to renew his faith and on to become MVP when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000, eventually taking him to a second Super Bowl title in his final season," the descriptions reads.


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