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Ravens Tyler Ott to sport custom cleats at NFL game for March of Dimes

Ravens Tyler Ott to sport custom cleats at NFL game for March of Dimes
Ravens Tyler Ott to sport custom cleats at NFL game for March of Dimes 02:14

BALTIMORE -- The Ravens are back from their bye week and will take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

When the Ravens take the field, you will notice a number of players wearing cleats that are different from their teammates.

Alex Glaze spoke with longsnapper Tyler Ott about the cleats he will wear on Sunday and the personal connection he has to the important cause he will represent.

When Tyler Ott takes the field for the Ravens, he usually wears white cleats.

But on Sunday - against the Los Angeles Rams - he will wear custom cleats for a special cause.

Tyler Ott(69) cleats for "My Cleats My Cause 2023" for the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 10, 2023. (Photo by Taylor McLaughlin)


Ott has teamed up with March of Dimes - an organization whose mission is to support families with preterm babies.

"You end up being on TV and in front of the camera and it's always 'Hi mom'. So it was the Hi Mom on the shoe for that, but as a preemie surprising your mom and being a little early and just saying Hi Mom a little early there," Ott said.

The NFL's 'My Cause My Cleats' initiative allows players to represent an organization with custom designed cleats during certain weeks in the season.

The March of Dimes's mission is personal to Tyler. He was born five weeks prematurely and spent 10 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

"Every preemie can grow up, be strong and successful in whatever they want to do. That is the mission of the March of Dimes and that is our story that we are able to share and raise awareness," Ott said.

Tyler's mother, Laurie Applekamp, has worked for the March of Dimes for two decades.

"I call it a family affair. It's not just a job, it's something I am extremely passionate about. Family and friends are also passionate about it and support me, for sure," Applekamp said.

Tyler's mom will be at the game on Sunday. She says she gets emotional every game thinking about Tyler's journey.

"You always want the very best for your child. To see them fulfill a dream that not everyone gets to do is very emotional. I am very thankful for that. For the NFL, for the March of Dimes, for Tyler honing his skills and making long snapping a great career for him," Applekamp said. 

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