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Ray Lewis Wants To Play With Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ray Lewis wants to come out of retirement- just to play with Lamar Jackson.

The two-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer said in an appearance on SHOWTIME's "Inside the NFL" he had told Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti he would get back in the game to play with the two-season quarterback.

"I told [Ravens Owner] Steve [Bisciotti] the other night in the box, 'You know I still got two quarters in me. I can come play with LJ [Lamar Jackson],'" Lewis said. "If you all are holding the ball for seven minutes on a drive, and then nine minutes on a drive, I'm like 'Man, I've never had that in my career.'"

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"L.J., the next time I text you, you better text me back," Lewis added. "Your texts are flooded, but when the general calls, I need you to answer."

To that, Jackson laughed and said, "I got you,"

It should come as no surprise that Lewis has major respect for the 22-year-old, considering he called Jackson's success before his second season even began.

He recently told TMZ Sports that Jackson has the "it" factor.

"Talking to Bisciotti at the time I was like, 'You don't know what you've got in Jackson, but I've watched that kid his entire career. He has the 'it' factor,'" Lewis said. "There's a number of athletes that come around in a generation that have an 'it' factor. There aren't too many people that you can say that about, [but] he's one of those of people."

Ray Lewis Says He Predicted Lamar Jackson's Greatness, I Knew He Had 'It'! | TMZ Sports by TMZSports on YouTube


Jackson has been named Offensive Player of the Week three times this season and is a fan favorite for MVP.

So, whether it was a joke or not, it looks like Lewis is itching to get moving with the NFL's favorite quarterback this season- would you like to see the two on the field together sometime?

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