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Ravens Owner Denies "Deflategate" Rumors

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) -- Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti issued a statement after reports surfaced that he tried to influence Commissioner Roger Goodell on  "Deflategate."

In a radio show on Friday, the Ravens report that ESPN's Sal Palantonio went on air saying Bisciotti is advocating against potentially reducing Patriots Quarterback Tom Brad's four-game suspension.

In response to those allegations, Bisciotti issued a statement saying, "I have not and will not put any pressure on the Commissioner or anyone representing the NFL office to take action in what everyone is calling 'Deflategate.'

The New England Patriots were caught using partially deflated balls during a game against the Colts. There is speculation that this wasn't the first time this happened. The Patriots played the Ravens the week before, and there are questions about if the balls in that game, too, were deflated.

"The story circulating that I have put pressure on Roger (Goodell) is 100 percent wrong, said Bisciotti. The reports are unfair to Robert Kraft, who is an honorable person, and to his franchise. "Let's talk about football and the start of training camps. Fans and people like me want the issue resolved now."

Brady is facing a suspension for his involvement with DeflateGate.  Brady adamantly denied any involvement. Should Goodell uphold the four-game suspension — or even reduce it — Brady is expected to go to court.

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