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SEE IT: Ravens' Marlon Humphrey Poses With Massive Dead Alligator

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ravens star cornerback Marlon Humphrey is known for preying on some of the biggest and best wide receivers in the NFL. Now it appears he's also not afraid of one of nature's fiercest reptiles either. On Friday, Humphrey posted a photo on his social media accounts that shows him holding the jaws of a dead alligator, which appears to have been killed in a hunting excursion.

In the photo, Humphrey is seen sitting on top of the impressive gator's back and smiling while he holds open its bloodied jaws. He captioned the photograph with, "You ever seen a man wrestle a Gator? Let me tell you a story.." A second image shows him and four others also posing with the dead reptile. He did not post where or when the photo was taken.

Though the incredible photo has since received more than 36,000 likes, some animal advocates voiced their displeasure.

"Why did you kill that animal ? Big dislike! ????????????" wrote one commenter.  "Thats sad!! Incredible animal!! Disappointed & disgusted!!" posted a fan. "[K]illing animals for sport? nuh thats wack bruh," added another.

But many fans quickly came to Humphrey's defense in response to the outrage. "[It] can be positive for an ecosystem especially if it's a very large gator like this one. They can overeat and even often kill other smaller gators for many reasons," one fan wrote. "He's going to eat it just as he would eat cow. What's so bad about him killing one animal?" asked another.

Humphrey also responded to one commenter who wrote, "PETA ain't gon like this ????". He defended the photo, saying, "[PETA] don't like we have to eat food to survive lol".

It's a sentiment he first shared in February after posting a photo of himself standing over a dead deer he'd also apparently killed while hunting. In that photo, Humphrey is holding up the deer's head while draping a hunting rifle over its body. At the time, Humphrey wrote, "Sometimes to be a man you have to put food on the table...First deer ☝????"

Despite the images upsetting those who are against hunting, Humphrey is well known for his beloved cat "Snowflake," who he rescued from a BARCS shelter and turned into an Instagram star. Humphrey created a separate account for Snowflake, which boasts more than 12,000 followers.

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