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Ravens Helped To Renovate Classrooms & Spaces At 2 Baltimore City Schools

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Baltimore Ravens spent the day renovating classrooms and spaces at 2 Baltimore City Schools.

At Edgecombe Circle Elementary, they built a new outdoor classroom with the help of an education equity nonprofit, Heart of America. Volunteers said it helps to give students another fun way to learn outside a traditional classroom as they return back from months of virtual learning.

"We're making sure today that they have the resources they need and the space they need to come back and acclimate back in," said Jill Heath, President & CEO of Heart of America.

At Edgecombe Circle and Curtis Bay Elementary, meditation rooms were put together to help kids, especially during distressing times.

"I think one of the big things we want to focus on is mental health and making sure that these students feel like they are taken care of and that they have a space to kind of decompress," said Kelly Talland, Baltimore Ravens Senior Manager of Community Relations. "Plus they made these education packs, full of books, school and art supplies, showing students that team is here to support them."

"We all care about them. we're pulling together and their favorite home team is pulling for them," said Alison Perkins-Cohen, Baltimore City Schools Chief of Staff.

The Ravens said this is not the last time they'll be helping these schools. They added that they will come back to continue to show their commitment to these students.

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