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Ravens Fans React To Heartbreaking Loss To Bengals

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The season has expired for the Ravens after a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that could have taken them to the playoffs. Ravens fans all across the city are sad after what they call a disappointing season.

Rochelle Ritchie has fan reaction.

It was such a tough game to watch and we were oh so close but we just couldn't pull out the win. Fans say the Ravens have gotten lucky with their wins this season--except the one we really needed.

Ravens fans are filled with frustration after holding on to hope the team could beat the Bengals and move on to the playoffs.

"It was pretty terrible," said one fan.

Watching the game sent fans through a roller coaster of emotions, cheering one minute...

"Get that, Pitta! Get that! Let's go!" yelled one fan.

...and upset the next.

"Why is that the play, yo?" said another fan.

But no matter how loudly fans cheered, the Bengals ended the season for the Super Bowl champs.

Even though Ravens fans are certainly disappointed with the loss, they say it's really no surprise.

"They were inconsistent. They were sloppy. They were not the Ravens they were last year," Matthew Katz said.

"Four interceptions and you can't score a touchdown off of him? They didn't deserve to win that game," said Calvin Darchicourt.

With a low-scoring season, Ravens fans say they hoped for the best but expected the worst.

"How many games did the Ravens win by less than three points? I mean over half of them. That's a sign we were not playing our best," Allie Jenkins said.

Despite the harsh criticism, fans say they know the team will bounce back, but changes on the offensive line are crucial.

"We haven't had any holds all season and Ray Rice is a great running back but he's got no room to work with. Bernard Pierce is insanely fast; he's got no room to work with," said Brett Gordon.

With the nail-biting wins and heartbreaking losses, fans say at least the Ravens have four guys going to the Pro Bowl.

"It was a tough season. I think we showed a lot of heart throughout the whole thing," C-Mo Molly said.

This is the first time the team has not gone to the playoffs since 2007.

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