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Ravens Coach Jokes About Presidential Run During Political Ramblings After Practice

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh may have been hinting at a 2016 presidential run after remarks he made during a Saturday afternoon press conference.

The conversation started about refs and quickly took a turn toward governmental issues.

In a discussion about Thursday night's game against the Saints, Harbaugh called the officials "rusty" after they apparently missed an intentional grounding call in the preseason opener. He feels they need more time during training camp to be better prepared for the regular season.

"But they only get three days of practice in training camp, so they're going to be rusty," he says. "If they got a little bit more practice in training camp, I think they would do a little bit better."

Harbaugh jokes, saying he's made that proposal to the NFL.

According to Harbaugh,  the league says the union won't give them more "practice time," but the refs say they want the time.

And that's where the discussion takes a political turn.

"To me both sides want it, maybe they should start talking to one another. Maybe like our government too," Harbaugh says. "Maybe talk to one another, solve a problem once in a while, instead of creating a problem. Be more concerned about the country than you are your party. How about we do that? Let's try to fix things around here, you know, in this country. That's what made us great."

After the brief ramble, Harbaugh jokes, "I'm going Trump here."

"Build the wall. It's not that hard. If you don't have a border, you don't have a country. At the same time, we've got 12-15 million hard-working people here. Give them a shot! Give them a chance to become a citizen!"

Reporters ask if he's hinting at a presidential run and Harbaugh laughs and says," I might be coming out, I might be running."

So now we have to ask the question...would you be a Harbaugh 2016 supporter?

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