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Ravens 4th Round Pick FB Kyle Juszczyk Talks About Joining The Ravens

In the 4th round of the NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens selected Harvard fullback Kyle "Juice" Juszczyk. Today Kyle joined Bob & Steve to talk about becoming a Raven and what the fans can expect from him on the field this season.

Steve started the interview by making sure we all know how to pronounce Kyle's last's pronounced yous-check.

(Photo by Ryan S. Burkett / RSB Photography)

Steve asked Kyle what position he will play in the NFL. Kyle said he's a football player and whatever position they want to put him at he will excel.

Bob asked Kyle what draft weekend and the off-season have been like. Kyle said he first chose an agent, he went with Joe Linta who also represents Joe Flacco. Then Kyle was able to be a part of the senior bowl, and then trained for the combine though he was not invited which just gave him more time to train for his pro day. Kyle also talked about how he went on a pre-draft visit with the Ravens, and then on Saturday had a big draft party at home in Ohio. Kyle said he knew he was high on the Ravens radar after his visit with the Ravens, and hearing the Ravens had called his coaches.

Kyle also said he was recruited by a lot of MAC schools like Toledo and Miami (OH), but in the end chose Harvard for its tradition of winning and prestige.


Kyle Juszczyk

Steve then asked Kyle about the night of the MIT shootings related to the marathon bombing and subsequent search for the suspect (Kyle was in Boston at that time). Kyle said he received a text from the schools alert system and said it was incredibly eerie walking home with no one on the streets and a lot of silence. Kyle said it felt like he was watching a movie and it was a very surreal. Kyle then said even though the school was on lock-down he was still able to get a workout in. Kyle went on to say that Boston seems to be getting back to normal.

Finally Steve asked Kyle about expectations and if he was nervous coming in to this workout. Kyle said he's got some nervousness going on but he believes he'll be able to handle anything.

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