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Flyer Compares Baltimore Kids To Apes After Fight At White Marsh Mall

BALTIMORE CO., Md. (WJZ) -- A flyer comparing Baltimore youths to apes and calling for an end of bus service to White Marsh Mall, deemed the "Ghetto Bus Line" by the poster, is drawing questions and outrage.

The flyer includes a shot from "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and reads: "Inner City Youths Riot at White Marsh Mall. Stop the Ghetto Bus Line! Keep the Uneducated, Loud, Rude, Wild Animals in the City where they belong!"

"This kind of thing, just really promotes racial divide, " said resident Carroll Pfeffer.

WJZ does not know the origin of the poster -- and has not been able to confirm it was ever physically posted anywhere. But it has circulated online for almost a day.

"It's really sad that people have to stoop to this level," said Roxanne Thomas of White Marsh.

The poster surfaced after local officials asked the Maryland Transit Administration to restructure service to the mall to prevent large crowds from congregating following a massive disturbance by a group of teens at the mall in which one of the teens tried to punch a police officer.

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Roxanne Thomas said it doesn't matter where's it has been posted, the fact that it exists is troubling.

"Someone did it just to keep stuff going like people do, they're ignorant," she said.

Lindsay Kahn, White Marsh senior manager of public relations, released the following statement to WJZ:

"White Marsh Mall is an inclusive environment for everyone. We are outraged and disgusted by the flyer circulating in social media and had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of it."

A couple familiar with the bus lines between Baltimore and White Marsh said they were appalled by the poster.

"I'm in the city 40 hours a week and I'm not loud, rude, definitely not uneducated, and it's kind of ridiculous," Anna Decker said.

WJZ reached out to the MTA Monday night for comment but did not hear back.

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