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Race For Mayor Of Baltimore Now A Field Of 4

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The race for mayor of Baltimore is now a field of four. Two candidates have announced they will run and two more have actually filed with the Board of Elections.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on what's shaping up to be a most unusual race.

We know Mayor Rawlings-Blake and former mayor Sheila Dixon have already announced they are running. Some other candidates known to city politics are considering a run, but the two who have actually filed are complete unknowns.

Motivated by the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray, unfamiliar faces look to break the mold.

"People my age are going to be living here for a very long time," said Calvin Young.

"The bad guys are not going to win," said Mack Clifton.

Baltimore City Hall -- smack dab in the middle of the Freddie Gray unrest and the 2016 campaign for mayor -- creates an unusual scenario and lots of speculation.

"Here's what I hear... Nobody's done any polling so we don't know, but here's what I hear from people that I talk to in the city... The mayor is in trouble because of perceived management deficit, particularly over the incident after the Freddie Gray funeral and Sheila Dixon is coming on hard," said Don Norris, UMBC public policy director.

The race between the former and the current mayors is practically a given. Councilman Carl Stokes and Maryland Senator Catherine Pugh are former mayoral candidates both considering another run.

A draft Jill Carter website is encouraging the delegate, another former candidate, to give it a second shot.

Councilmen Nick Mosby and Brandon Scott are being courted, but have not committed to the race.

Calvin Young, a 27-year-old engineer, filed Tuesday to run for mayor.

Mack Clifton, a writer and minister, filed in May.

"I said, 'I can't take this anymore.' Somebody has to stand up," said Clifton.

"We have to be Charm City again," said Young.

Warren:"Is there a reason to believe some of these people we haven't heard of could possibly win?"

Norris: "Probably not. They are unheard of."

But there's no mistaking the death of Freddie Gray will be used as a political platform.

"Oh, I'm sure they will. Politics is a contact sport," Norris said.

Candidates have until February 3 to file.

The Democratic primary election is in April.

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