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R. Kelly's Alleged Sexual Assault Victims Say The Night Still Haunts Them 23 Years Later

BALTIMORE (WJZ)  -- Two Baltimore women accused R. Kelly of assaulting them 23 years ago when they were only teens. Now they share their story exclusively with WJZ.

Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington said they were living the dream the night they went to an R. Kelly concert in Baltimore back in 1996.

The women, who were only 15 & 16 at the time, snuck out to see their idol perform at the Baltimore Arena. Then they went to an after party, but they said what happened next still haunts them.

New R. Kelly Accusations: Baltimore Women Share Stunning Details Of Alleged Sexual Assault After 1996 Concert

Since they came forward last month, another Baltimore woman said she witnessed what happened at a downtown hotel.

The women talk about why they believe they were targeted, what they would have changed that night and why they are coming forward so many years later.

Scaff and Washington said the night they alleged they were assaulted by R. Kelly they were targeted for their young age. They also say two other men were inside the hotel room at the time.

MARY: Were there other people in the room with you?

ROCHELLA: It was two other men that was entering the room with us. When we were… one part of that night, I remember two times… either the manager or the producer was smoking and drinking with us.

MARY: Did you feel in any way that they were going to help you get out of this situation?

ROCHELLA: Oh… I don't think they… No. No. It was more like they was more involved in the situation, because like, they never asked our ages… You could clearly see on the picture that we was minors… Teenagers… So they never identified us. You know, what age we were or nothing like that.

MARY: So they never asked how old you were?

ROCHELLA: No, never asked. Even at the Baltimore or Grand where we had went to the after party. They had never caught us or nothing, they just took our money.

MARY: Where there other, local young women who were invited along, or do you feel you were targeted?

LATRESA I think it was just us two that was invited to the suite


The women said they are coming forward because they want to see justice, not only for themselves but for all victims of sexual assault.

"He needs to be put away," Latresa said.

MARY: What do you want to see happen to R. Kelly?

ROCHELLE: I really want to see justice. Not just to him, but to stop all of this stuff that's going on in the world with people touching teenagers and doing wrong to teenagers. Period. Or children, child, whoever. Grown women, it doesn't make a difference. I just want to see some justice to start happening.

MARY: And Latrresa, what do you want to see happen to R. Kelly?

LATRESA: I just think justice needs to be served. For what he's done to me, and all of the other women out there.

MARY: [R. Kelly] said his biggest mistake was having a heart that was too big. What is your reaction when those types of things were coming out of his mouth?

ROCHELLE: I just feel like he wanted people to feel sorry for him. He just wanted people to believe that he really didn't do these things that he really did. It's very hurtful and it's very painful to know that he's really a sick, sick person. He really needs help.

LATRESA: This man definitely needs to be… He definitely needs to be put away for all of the damage he's caused me and other women.  


Scaff said she wants R. Kelly to apologize to her for allegedly assaulting her in 1996. She's said she's shocked "he's still doing it," after watching the CBS This Morning interview with Kelly's twenty-something girlfriends.

LATRESA: If I could say something to him right now, I would definitely say, you know, I would definitely want an apology -- you know -- to me and my family. That's my main thing I definitely want an apology from this man.

MARY: Does it disturb you to see now that he's currently living with a 21- and a 23-year-old?

LATRESA: Yes. it definitely disturbed me too watching the interview and I'm just like, he's still doing it, like nothing is being done about it. He's still doing it.

Gloria Allred On R. Kelly Accusations | 'If We Believe The Accusers, This Is The Worst Sexual Predator I've Ever Seen'

The women said the night still haunts them. They are working with attorney Gloria Allred to fight for themselves and other victims.

MARY: Would you say what happened to you two decades ago still haunts you?

ROCHELLE; Oh yes, I'm gonna be real honest. I wish that I knew what I knew now. Cause I would have done things different that night. And I'm so like -- going to the bathroom and leaving my friend, I wish, knowing now, if I could go back I would have said, 'let's just get out of here' -- you know -- 'Don't touch her.'


LATRESA: We were young. We were young so we weren't thinking like an adult would think . We were kids back then, so. Like I said again, we were just happy and star-struck at that moment.

MARY: Absolutely and there was also alcohol and drugs...

LATRESA: We were um, we smoked marijuana and were under the influence of alcohol.

MARY: But you feel like that was given to you?


LATRESA: Yea they gave that to us.

ROCHELLE: They offered it to us.

MARY: It was part of what they did.


MARY: You two now have teamed up with Gloria Allred. Tell me about that. What your mission is with Gloria? It sounds like you're going to be a part of a court case. Tell me a little about what your mission is at this point.

ROCHELLE: At this time I just want to see justice and see that mister Kelly is really -- see some justice for all. Because this went on for so long and he's really, really sick person. And it's heartbreaking to know that he continues to do these things. It's so hurtful to watch. It's too painful to even imagine to go through it.

MARY: And Latresa?

LATRESA: Basically, I feel the same way. It's hurtful, painful.

MARY: Why are you taking it a step further.

LATRESA: I'm taking it a step further because I want to fight for myself and also for other victims as well.

MARY: Anything that I haven't asked that you would like to add that you want people in Baltimore to know?

LATRESA: Yea. I want the people in Baltimore to know that I am not a liar, whatsoever. I also want them to know that this has happened to me. I have no reason to lie on this man. This happened to me at the age of 16 years old. I'm a victim. I want you guys to know I have no reason to lie on this man and I want justice to be served.

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